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The KnowARC project ran from 2006 to 2009.

Groups from the NorduGrid and partners were successful in requesting funding from the EU to add standard interfaces and new components to ARC. The primary goal is to make it more popular by ensuring standards-based interoperability. It shall continue to address the existing user community and remain similarly easy to install and maintain while gaining a series of further developments, e.g.

  • Adding a Web Service layer to the core components
  • Implementation of open grid community standards (OGSA, WS-RF, JSDL, BES, GLUE etc)
  • Compatibility with more operating systems
    • MacOS X
    • Solaris/OpenSolaris
    • Microsoft Windows
    • Stronger ties to Linux communities, aiming at including ARC into Linux distributions, such as:
  • Self-healing
    • File storage system
    • Job management
  • Other cool new functionality first implemented for ARC-0:
    • Dynamic (== installed on demand) runtime envionments
    • Workflows with Taverna and flowGuide (commercial tool)
  • Strengthening/establishing ties to other communities than high-energy physics
    • Bioinformatics
    • Medical image analysis
    • Automotive Industry
    • Civil engineering

See the KnowARC home page to learn more about

  • Project aims and activities
  • Current and future deliverables

The KnowARCers have prepared

  • a restricted-access Wiki with a series of pages on the project's deliverables that are mostly of little interest to outsiders. The pages that are of interest will find their way to this wiki.
  • a grid testbed that is meant to always run the latest releases of ARC middleware and is now soon due to deploy ARC1 preview alongside the Globus-based ARC0 middleware.
  • a KnowARC Virtual Organisation
  • an Instant Certificate Authority for those who want to give grid a test drive