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NOTE: This page is out of date and is kept for purely historical reasons.

Pilgrim stands for "PILot GRId Monitor" and is a part of the URL of the monitor of the Pilot Grid system (PGS) of the KnowARC project. It brings together resources contributed only by the partners of the project, the policy being strictly implemented via the GIIS registration service. It is helpful for those project members who are experimenting with the very latest releases of ARC or who is adding functionality to it. Some resources in Pilgrim are also production sites; the Pilgrim resources also apear at the ARC Grid Monitor.

Authorisation of users on PGS sites is up to local site policies and is not governed neither by KnowARC nor by NorduGrid. KnowARC Virtual Organisation members are expected to be authorised at all sites.

In order to use PGS to submit test jobs, one should:

  • Add KnowARC GIISes to the client configuration file:
    • ldap://
    • ldap://
  • Apply for the KnowARC VO membership; please provide motivation

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