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Editing guidelines

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This page contains some general guidelines for authors and editors of the NorduGrid wiki pages. Their aim is to reduce the chance of out of date or obsolete documentation being confused for up to date documentation by readers.

Page titles

  • If some information only applies to a specific version of ARC then use that in the title, e.g. "ARC Configuration Changes For 1.0" rather than "ARC Configuration Changes".
  • Do not use titles referring to time such as "current", "next", "previous" etc, as those quickly go out of date.

Namespace hierarchy

  • Using a hierarchy to group related pages together under one topic is recommended, for example:
    • FeatureX
    • FeatureX/Design
    • FeatureX/Configuration

Out of date pages

In general wiki pages should be kept as a historical archive rather than deleted when they go of date, but it should be made clear to the reader that this is the case. An out of date header template exists which should be applied to pages which are out of date but cannot or should not be deleted. It can be added to a page using


It has an optional field to provide more info, for example, using

{{OutOfDate|note=This old feature has been replaced by an amazing new feature}}



NOTE: This page is out of date and is kept for purely historical reasons.
This old feature has been replaced by an amazing new feature

If a page with out of date information is found please apply this template, and if an old page is brought up to date, remove it!