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Quick start

Note: In addition to ARC itself, a number of Globus packages is needed to enable the Globus Securty Infrastructure (GSI) and the popular GridFTP file transfer protocol. VOMS is needed for Virtual Organisation management, and LFC is needed for data indexing.

For repository information for all versions of ARC and Fedora, please visit official NorduGrid download site.


rpm --import

Client installation

Globus certificate utilities are needed if you need to request a Grid certificate. These utilities are available from official Fedora repositories since Fedora 9.

yum install globus-gsi-cert-utils-progs

Note: Pay attention to dashes instead of the old Globus-style underscores in package names

Then you'd need keys of potentially relevant Certification Authorities. Get them either from the official NorduGrid download site (see "External software", IGTF), or directly from IGTF:

tar xvzf igtf-policy-installation-bundle-1.40.tar.gz
cd igtf-policy-installation-bundle-1.40
./configure --with-profile=classic
make install

You may need to browse to that repository first and find out what is the most recent version number, instead of 1.40

Then install ARC client itself, which will pull in other necessary packages (Globus plugins need to be requested explicitly):

yum install nordugrid-arc-client nordugrid-arc-plugins-globus