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Supercomputing booth/2012

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  • Web site
  • Dates: November 12-15, 2012
  • Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Booth nr: 2512
  • Booth personnel: Dmytro Karpenko, Oxana Smirnova


Judging from the number of disappeared giveaways, 100+ people stopped by the booth. Of those, very few were willing to engage in a conversation, and those who left business cards were mostly looking for a job.

Visitors who were interested in the subject noted a nice booth solution. Most did not believe in Grid, or knew very little about it, and were surprised to learn that it is used for real. Probably next exhibitions should have more accent onto real applications of the Grid middleware.

Close vicinity of top-guns like Intel, Cisco, NVIDIA etc distracted the visitors: clearly, our modest installation was all but invisible against such a backdrop. Even our own colleagues passed by not seeing us. Perhaps in future such neighborhood should be avoided, it is a mixed blessing.

Leaflets did not enjoy much success even with people who wanted to learn more; booklets or fold-outs should be considered in future.

GIN demo did not attract any attention at all, despite being announced as a cross-exhibitor event. On the other hand, it was not a real demo but a video, since the wireless network was basically non-functioning, and wired options were a clear overkill for the purpose.

There were not too many opportunities to visit the exhibition, but in several boothes people knew or heard about ARC. There should be some way of capitalizing on this, maybe a prize draw for those who find most centres that use ARC, or such.


  • Dmytro Karpenko
  • Oxana Smirnova
  • Gabor Roczei (borrowed from PRACE)



  • ARC pens
  • ARC post-it blocks
  • EMI clock
  • EMI charger adapters
  • EMI bookmarks
  • EMI quiz cards


Before coming to US

Electrical bill

Furniture ordering

Furniture for a 10'x10' booth was included in the price for an research exhibition booth, however it must be ordered in advance.



Read through the exhibitor info


Action Status/Deadline Comment AssignedTo
Find People Done Dima, Oxana Farid
Passports, Visa etc Done Passports OK Dima, Oxana
Submit Company Profile Done Electronic profile Oxana
Pay for the booth Done USD 100 paid in April 2012 Farid
Order Furniture Done Fax sent, no confirmation yet Oxana
Order electricity Done 1 110V outlet is included in the booth package Oxana
Order Network Done Use wireless only -
Tickets Done Will be there for Sunday 11th to setup the booth all
Hotel Done Some days may be on the waiting list? all
Design Poster Done -
Design Leaflets Done previous ones are OK
Print Posters Done A-REX roll-up Oxana
Print Leaflets Done - Oxana
Bring Posters and leaflets in progress - Oxana
Prepare slide show Done ?
Prepare gadgets in progress Dima: pens and post-it notes, Oxana: EMI clock Oxana, Dima
Allocate notebooks Done - all
Borrow a beamer Done from Oslo Dima
Borrow tripod for posters not needed? there is one in Lund Oxana
Poster fixation on curtains not done hopefully not needed ?
Prepare scotch- and brown tape not done Buy locally if needed ?
Prepare for evt GIN demos not mandatory testbed may be needed (Marek) ?
Register booth personnel Done costs 100 greenbucks Dima, Oxana
Take socket adapter, power cord distributor Done Adapter may have to be bought locally Dima
Hire a car not done may not be necessary ?
cutter, straight threshold profile, scissors not done see know-how from last year ?
Drawing pins, tapes not done Eventually buy there ?
Cell phone + charger in progress check GSM compatibility all
Find an inflatable T-REX not done didn't work last year Dima
Approximate budget not so much shoestring, as usual ?