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Supercomputing booth/2009

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  • Web site
  • Dates: November 14-20, 2009
  • Location: Portland, Oregon
  • Booth nr: 2293 (details)
  • Booth personnel: Katarina (Peter Stefan will also be at SC)

Mailing list for organisational issues

supercomputing at

Practical Organization

NorduGrid is registered as a research exhibitor and here follows some information about the

booth equipment .

We need to make some choices regarding the booth furniture and answer before October 23rd (Done).

This is the booth furniture.

The options is a draped table which probably is best with normal chairs (Opal side chairs) or draped counter with the stools (Casey Padded Stools). It looks like there was a counter with stools last year and blue drapery and it looks nice on the pictures. In addition, it would be practical to have some plexiglass leaflet holders 2-3 (can be ordered 40$ each).

From the description it sounds like there will be some standard power outlets so there is no need to order it. But pleas correct me if this is wrong.

Printed material for SC09

The main theme of this years booth should be the new ARC, new services and architecture. The future within the European project needs also to be highlighted.

SC09 svn location:

Material for SC09



More recent material

Posters from EGEE09

Posters and leaflets from ISC09

Older material



Read through the exhibitor info

Action Status/Deadline Comment
Find People Done Katarina (full time), Peters Stefan will also be present.
Passports, Visa etc Done
Submit Company Profile Done Text and logos sent by Owen
Pay for the booth Done We don't need to pay
Order Furniture Done
Order electricity Done
Order Network Done Decided to not to order, use wireless only
Tickets Done Katarina (OK)
Hotel Done
Design Poster Done
Design Leaflets Done
Print Posters Done
Bring Posters Done
Print Leaflets Done
Prepare slide show Done
Prepare gadgets Done
Allocate notebooks Done
Borrow a beamer Done
Borrow tripod for posters Done
Poster fixation on curtains Done
Prepare scotch- and brown tape Done
Prepare for evt GIN demos Not done
Register booth personnel Done Katarina (OK)
Take socket adapter,power cord distributor Done
Hire a car Not done
Sticky tape, cutter, straight treshold profile, scissors Done
Drawing pins, tapes Done
Cell phone + charger Done