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Supercomputing booth/2008

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Read through the exhibitor info, complete with FAQ, deadlines, rules etc.

Action Status/Deadline Comment
Find People Done Xin & Mattias
Passports, Visa etc Done Xin has received a visa
Submit Company Profile Done Text and logos sent by Farid
Pay for the booth Done We don't need to pay
Order Furniture Done Confirmation received
Order electricity Done Not confirmed, payment needed
Order Network Done Decided to not to order, use wireless only
Tickets Done Mattias (Ok), Xin (Ok)
Hotel Done Mattias (Ok), Xin (Ok)
Design Poster Done Updated by Oxana (see above)
Design Leaflets Done Updated by Oxana (see above)
Print Posters Done Printed by Peter Stefan.
Bring Posters Done Peter Stefan brings them to Austin
Print Leaflets Processing Ready Friday morning (print store)
Prepare slide show Partial Prepare slide show on site? Replaced by demo videos?
Prepare gadgets Abandoned No time for preparing
Allocate notebooks Done Xin (1), Mattias (1), Peter (1)
Borrow a beamer Done Mattias(1)
Borrow tripod for posters Done Mattias(1)
Poster fixation on curtains Done Xin will bring
Prepare scotch- and brown tape Done Xin will bring
Prepare for evt GIN demos Done Gabor and Peter will prepare for the demo.
Register booth personnel Done Registered (Xin & Mattias)
Take socket adapter,power cord distributor Partial Peter will take one.
Hire a car Partial 4 Hungarians will hire a car.
Sticky tape, cutter, straight treshold profile, scissors Done Peter
Drawing pins, tapes Done Peter
Cell phone + charger Done Peter