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NG2011/Grid school/Installation

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Guiding resources

The client installation instructions are here:

Linux, Win and Mac

Win and Mac installators are not yet ready. Currently we're skipping them. For Linux the preferable way of installation is through the repositories.

Installation exercise

Follow the client installation instructions and install the client through the repositories.

Note: the latest client (1.0.0) is in experimental repository, so enable it.

Install nordugrid-arc-plugins-globus as well.

CA certificates

As we mentioned, you have to have CA certificates of the CA that issued your certificate and CAs that issued certificates to all the resources you'd like to use.

Practically (for Europe), it's enough to install everything from IGTF site: see

NorduGrid makes it easier for you: you can install it from NorduGrid repositories.

But for our current purposes we have to install only NorduGrid CA certificate and instantCA certificate. The first make you by:

yum install ca_nordugrid


apt-get install ca-nordugrid

The second is downloaded from here. Place all downloaded files under /etc/grid-security/certificates/