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NG2011/Grid school

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work in progress

For users


Is your desktop not enough to process and store your research data? Do you need a lot of computing power and storage space which your university cannot provide? With the grid you can utilize the resources of your partners from other universities around the world. This school will introduce you to basic principles for using the grid. You will get knowledge on how the grid works, how to access it and how to practically use one of the most popular grid middlewares — ARC.


  • Sundvolden, Wednesday May 11, 09:00-12:00

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NorduGrid wiki

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  • most likely will be the cluster for test jobs. Dima will perform the needed setup. THe users can install clients on their laptops or use prepared desktops/terminals (should think where can we get them).
  • Client tutorial material from Vilnius (may be reused)
  • Have asked hotel to provide extension cords for 20 laptops