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Globus Libraries

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Globus toolkit

Several ARC components depend on the libraries from the Globus Toolkit. Most recent Globus Toolkit packages relevant for ARC (currently of Globus release 5.0) have been accepted to Debian and Fedora repositories, and thus are available also for Ubuntu (starting from Karmic Koala) and RedHat (from RHEL4, via EPEL) releases.

ARC releases built on Globus that does not come from these standard repositories may have problems.

If you for some reason can't use the packages in the above mentioned repositories, e.g. if they are not available for your OS or if you would like to install a newer Globus, you can build the Globus Toolkit yourself, as described in this document.

Building the Globus Toolkit from a source distribution

  • Download the NorduGrid globus patch. This patch...
    • ... makes sure the openssl library gets initialized when the globus-openssl-module is initialized (required for newer openssl versions).
    • ... adds version tags to the symbols in the globus GSSAPI GSI library (see NorduGrid bug #1106)
    • ... plus some additional fixes for stability and build glitches
  • Download the Globus build script.
    • There is no shebang in the build script, since this was not allowed by the wiki, so you must add it yourself.

Then build using the following command:

./ ⟨installation path⟩ ⟨build flavour

The build flavour should be gcc32 or gcc64 depending on whether you are building for 32 or 64 bit architecture. If you are rebuilding the globus libraries in order to do debugging you might consider the debug flavours gcc32dbg or gcc64dbg,

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