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NOTE: This page is out of date and is kept for purely historical reasons.
Globus packages are now available in standard Debian repositories

Executive summary

This page summarises how to prepare Debian/Ubuntu packages for Globus. This is currently implemented for version 4.2.1 by an effort of Mattias Ellert that substitutes all earlier efforts. The effort is in sync with the RPMs submitted to/available through Fedora that are also maintained by Mattias. An alternative to the here presented effort is the possibility to have all parts of Globus built in one go.

Step-by-Step instructions for manual builds - Package-per-Package

This is the approach taken to recreate the Debian packages that are now part of the Debian Linux distribution. These are maintained by Mattias Ellert and are (as long as he does not add any more packages to the distribution) easily inspectable from his QA page.

For the packaging, the big (100MB+) source distribution of Globus is packaged into many smaller units. Though one should be aware, that the big Globus tarball is really a tarball or tarballs, or at least of independent packages that are all configured separately and installed separately. The chain of activities to yield the packages is:s

  1. Get the grid-package-toolkit package from the regular Debian servers
  2. Split the big upstream tarball into many small ones
  3. Combine each of the smaller tarballs with the debian folder individually assigend to it
  4. call dpkg-buildpackage

In real life, things are just a bit easier. Scripts have been provided that perform most, if not all, of the above. From the NorduGrid svn, retrieve

 svn co

then execute the script README.globus to perform the download and the builds

 cd debian-distribution && ./README.globus

This should just work, at least once all the build-requirements are in place. The README.globus script can be restarted whenever a problem occurs. It will continue where it has stopped before. And yes: it should be renamed. It was not meant to be executable when it was initially drafted :)

Packages that should better be installed from the beginning are

 apt-get install svn-buildpackage build-essential `grep ^Build-Depend */debian/control |cut -f3 -d:| tr ",|" "\n" | tr -d " " | sed -e 's/([^\)]*)//' | sort -u | grep -v globus | grep -v grid`

Comments about the packaging should go to Mattias.

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