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NOTE: This page is out of date and is kept for purely historical reasons.
Globus packages are now available in standard Debian repositories

Step-by-Step instructions for manual builds - All-In-One

This is an alternative to the regular way to package Globus that is simplistic, reusing most of the upstream build machinery and preparing only a few packages. A shell script was prepared that completely automated the building of Globus and the packaging. Just run it.

 svn export

If possible: use a chroot environment to build globus

Globus appears to compile without problems with a regular installation of Debian. However, some installation of some package appears to be influencing the GSI library of Globus. It is hence recommended to compile Globus in a minimalistic Debian subinstallation, referred to as chroot environment. It seems tedius but saves you quite some trouble, promised - I haven fallen into that trap myself several times now. The latest patches for version 4.2.1 are said to have addressed this, though confirmations would be appreciated.

Preparation of the upstream sources

Retrieval of upstream sources - caveat - check out for updates, but be aware that our patches will then be likely not to work!!!


untaring and entering the source

 tar xzvf globus-4.0.7.orig.tar.gz
 cd gt4.0.7

Adding the Debian sources

The "debian" folder with packaging instructions should be checked out from within the root of the Globus source tree. To retrieve the Debian packaging sources with sufficient credentials perform

 svn co

Should this fail since you do not have an accepted grid certificate for the NorduGrid svn, then use

 svn co

alternatively (not svn diff possible):

 svn export

Please do not be quiet about changes you are doing to the Debianisation process!

Please inspect the file debian/README.source and debian/README.Debian for further insights.

Building the package

If you are only interested in "getting the .debs", then try

 fakeroot ./debian/rules binary

which should smoothly perform the building, installation and package building for you. The most common alternative is

 dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -uc -us

which gives you all the file that you need to prepare an apt repository. Thirdly there is


which saves you the manual unpacking once you have the .orig.tar.gz.

To get an overview on the packages prepared, try

 ls -lt | grep globus | head 10

Installing the packages


 dpkg -i ../*.deb

or some reasonable subset of the packages provided.


This approach was run on Intel i686 and amd64.

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