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NOTE: This page is out of date and is kept for purely historical reasons.
VOMS is now available in standard Debian repositories

This page has strong analogies to the building of Globus packages for Debian. It explains how to retrieve the sources, add the Debian folder, perform the compilation and assemble the packages of VOMS.

As usual, there is a folder named 'debian' that should find its way to the root of the sources that should be compiled into a Debian package. It can be inspected this URL. While I was writing these instructions, I have just contributed the target 'get-orig-source' to the debian/rules file. Somehow, I feel inclined to explain the use of svn-buildpackage this time around in more detail, but feel free recycle any of the prior laid out explanations again. To follow these instructions, first as root

 apt-get install svn-buildpackage

Then, the following sequence of commands should plain work:

 svn co \
 && cd voms \
 && ./debian/rules get-orig-source \
 && echo origDir=.. > .svn/deb-layout \
 && svn-buildpackage -us -uc -rfakeroot --svn-ignore