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Config test arc 0.8

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Configuration notes

  • The 0.8rcx version of ARC is configured the same way as the previous production releases. A 0.6.x configuration file should work out-of-the-box.
  • However, due to new components and features some extra configuration options were introduced. The new options come with reasonable default most of the cases there is no need to change them:
  • Full description of the server-side configuration options can be found in the arc.conf.template

Basic testing

In this section present simple steps to evaluate successfulness of installation and setup of ARC 0.8 release candidate by performing basic functionality tests.

Following steps are intended to check whether ARC works. We assume that you are running supported local resource management system and you have properly set up arc.conf file with all the certificates paths and other necessary information is present. If not please start with this page .

Service startup

First start gridftpd server

/etc/init.d/gridftpd start

and information system

/etc/init.d/grid-infosys start

You can use either GridManager or A-rex. Check this page for more information. Start one of them:


/usr/local/etc/init.d/a-rex start

for a-rex, or

/etc/init.d/grid-manager start

for grid-manager

If the services started without problems we can continue with further tests.

Service's check


To check gridftpd you can use ngls command line utility

ngls gsiftp://<cluster_name>/jobs

should return list of actual jobs on the cluster.


You can use ldapsearch command line utility to check whether infosystem actually works:

 ldapsearch -h <server_name> -p 2135 -x -b 'mds-vo-name=local,o=grid'

a-rex & grid-manager

We can use ps command line utility whether the service started properly. Type for instance:

ps aux | grep arex


ps aux | grep grid-manager

Functionality tests with ngtest

Nordugrid ARC comes with simple test suit available via command line client ngtest. The ngtest command can test various things related to a client or server setup. To learn about all its options type man ngtest.

Test jobs

The testjobs available through ngtest are:

Testjob 1: This test-job calculates prime-numbers for 2 minutes and saves the list. The source-code for the prime-number program, the Makefile and the executable is downloaded to the cluster chosen from various servers and the program is compiled before the run. In this way, the test-job constitute a fairly comprehensive test of the basic setup of a grid cluster.

Testjob 2: This test-job does nothing -- but print "hello, grid" to stdout.

Testjob 3: This test-job tests download capabilities of the chosen cluster by downloading 8 inputfiles over different protocols -- HTTP, FTP, gsiFTP and RLS.


ngtest -job 1 -c <clustername> : will submit test-job number 1 to the specified cluster.

ngtest -certificate : will print certificate-information about the user's certificate and installed CA-certificates.


During the deployment of 0.8 release candidate you may came over some problems. Some of them may be already known and in such case should be collected here. If you can not find the problem there please let us know through our bugzilla.