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ARC 0.8rc1 TODO

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Issues related to 0.8RC1 and needed for 0.8RC2

Postponed to future RC


  • documentation: fix/update/remove the "small files"
  • How do you specify to A-REX that LFC is in /opt/lfc ?
    • resolved: use ./configure --with-lfc=/opt/lfc
  • ARC0 expects ARC_LOCATION to point to ARC0, AREX expects it to point to AREX. ARC0 and AREX can not be installed into same directory, do you have to install system wide in order for it to work? ARC_LOCATION is conflictingly used by the nordugrid-arc-0.8rc1 and the nordugrid-arc-arex-0.8rc1 packages
  • problems with EXECUTED state when A-REX used together with 0.8 arc core. Problem reported to bugzilla (bug num. 1452), Adrian is taking care of it.
    • Adrian provided a patch, it was commited to arc1/branches
  • BDII does not work on CentOS5 (see Sergio's report on nordugrid-discuss)
    • resolved: the problem was caused by the combination of using Xen domU and the DB4 backend see here
    • Daniel created a patch (will be propagated to arc0/v_0_8 branch) which enables the user to set in arc.conf new variable bdii_database=ldbm/dbd
  • combination of arc v0.8rc1 and a-rex produces unstable job management - description sent to bugzilla - no. 1464
    • fixed
  • a "Globus 4.2.1" bug being investigated by Aleksandr: 1410
    • fixed
  • test how to build/deploy ARC core and A-REX into unusual location (build ARC core with --prefix=A and A-REX with --prefix=B) and then update the corresponding wiki page
    • fixed - no problems observed when ARC core was installed to location A and A-REX into location B (the env variables ARC_LOCATION and ARC_CONFIG were not set).