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ARC0/BDII for 0.6.3

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Install BDII

  • Download at least version 4.0.2-2 from [1]
  • Install bdii into /opt/bdii (default)

This should just be:

"rpm -i bdii*.rpm".

For debian-derivates I have succeeded in installing it by doing:

"alien --scripts --to-deb bdii*.rpm && dpkg -i bdii*.deb"

Installing bdii will put files into /opt/bdii and will create a symlink at /etc/init.d/bdii

Additional info about bdii if you want to know more can be found at: [2]

Download the new ARC infosys

You can either check out the latest version from SVN, or download the required files manually.

Method 1: SVN

Run the following command

$ svn co

This will create a subdirectory named "gris-replacement" with the files. To update this at a later time you cd into the directory and run

$ svn update

Metod 2: Manual download

Download the required files from [3] You need:

  1. grid-infosys
  3. grid-info-soft-register
  5. the entire schema subdirectory

Install the infosys

  • Stop the old infosystem, run /etc/init.d/grid-infosys stop.
  • Copy the schema directory and to $arc_location/share/ (usually /opt/nordugrid/share/)
  • Copy the grid-info-soft-register file to $arc_location/libexec/
  • Make a backup of /etc/init.d/grid-infosys so you can revert to the old infosys later.
  • Copy the grid-infosys file to /etc/init.d/grid-infosys.
  • Copy the from the arc0 trunk to $arc_location/libexec. It can be found here: [4]
  • If /opt/bdii/etc/DB_CONFIG is missing, take this file from the gris-replacement.
  • If you have an old version (2.3.x) of OpenLDAP (For example CentOS5/RHEL5) you now need to add a few workarounds. These will be fixed in later versions.

Edit the file grid-info-soft-register and change:

DEFAULT_NETWORK_TIMEOUT="-o nettimeout=30"



Edit the following line in the file /opt/bdii/etc/DB_CONFIG:


If your BDB is newer than 4.3 (true on CentOS5) replace the line with:


Otherwise comment the line out.

  • If you run Ubuntu, be aware that you will have an apparmor profile for openldap in "/etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.slapd". Previously this was not an issue since Globus LDAP does not have a profile. You will need to add "/opt/bdii/* r,", "/var/run/bdii/* rwk," and "/opt/nordugrid/share/** r," permissions to this profile.
  • Installation complete! Start the infosys with /etc/init.d/grid-infosys start

Running a GIIS

If you are going to run a GIIS with this version of the grid-infosys script, then you will need the giis-replacement by Mattias Ellert.

This can be found here: [5]

You have two options here, either set giis_location in arc.conf or copy the server, relay and slapd-hack binaries to /opt/nordugrid/sbin.