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Ur-logger/JURA feature comparison

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Logging features in ARC

Comparison table
feature ur-logger JURA Comments
Configurable lifetime of URs after archiving ur_lifetime no Needs to be added to JURA, bugzilla entry
Configurable archiving directory log_dir jobreport_options="archiving:/path/to/archive" JURA has no default archiving path, ur-logger uses /var/spool/nordugrid/usagerecords as default. JURA config option is a bit clumsy
Configurable archive servers log_all jobreport All good here
VO specific archive servers log_vo jobreport_vo_filters Seems to be slightly different. ur-logger sends all records to servers from log_all and additionally sends to servers specified in log_vo. JURA sends to all servers in jobreport, but makes sure those also mentioned in jobreport_vo_filters only get records for the specified vo. So result should be the same, but arc.conf is more messy with JURA (urls specified twice for vo specific records).
Configurable log file urlogger_logfile jobreport_logfile Both have sensible defaults, JURA even has logrotation for default log path.
Configurable log level urlogger_loglevel uses a-rex log level Would be good to have a JURA specific option for log level.
APEL support no yes
SGAS support yes see table below

UR fields

UR fields in ur-logger and JURA
field namespace in ur-logger ur-logger JURA Comments
JobUsageRecord OGF UR yes yes
RecordIdentity OGF UR yes yes
recordId OGF UR yes yes
createTime OGF UR yes yes
JobIdentity OGF UR yes yes
GlobalJobId OGF UR yes yes
LocalJobId OGF UR yes yes
UserIdentity OGF UR yes yes
GlobalUserName OGF UR yes yes
LocalUserId OGF UR yes yes
VO SGAS VO yes yes
type SGAS VO yes yes
Name SGAS VO yes yes
Issuer SGAS VO yes yes
Attribute SGAS VO yes yes
Group SGAS VO yes yes
Role SGAS VO yes yes
Capability SGAS VO yes yes
VO SGAS VO yes yes
JobName OGF UR yes yes
Status OGF UR yes yes
Charge OGF UR yes no optional, probably not used
Memory OGF UR no yes
WallDuration OGF UR yes yes
CpuDuration OGF UR yes yes
NodeCount OGF UR yes yes
Processors OGF UR yes yes
StartTime OGF UR yes yes
EndTime OGF UR yes yes
ProjectName OGF UR yes yes
SubmitHost OGF UR yes yes
MachineName OGF UR yes yes
Host OGF UR yes yes
Queue OGF UR yes yes
SubmitTime DEISA yes no
LoggerName Logger yes no
version Logger yes no
FileTransfers Transfer yes yes
FileDownload Transfer yes yes
FileUpload Transfer yes yes
URL Transfer yes yes
Size Transfer yes yes
StartTime Transfer yes yes
EndTime Transfer yes yes
BypassCache Transfer yes yes
RetrievedFromCache Transfer yes yes