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Testing for update EMI 3.0.0

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EMI 3 (Monte Bianco) - Activity:

Test plan

Media: ARC_test_plan_v0.5.doc

Integration testing in EMI:

Test report

Test recording procedures

In relation to test results recording I would like to ask anyone who will participate in testing to record his/her results using form from . For regression tests we are asked to use some unique IDs, so please use the bug number as this unique ID in the test name field e.g. like 'Bug no. 1783 - arcstat asks for passphrase even if proxy exists'. If you have recorded your regression test then do not forget to update the bugzilla record. Since EMI is tracking information if some resolved bug had a regression test, it was agreed that after the test is recorded the attachment with name 'regression_test' including link pointing to test result recorded (link is generated after the test result is saved) shall be added to a particular bugzilla record. For other types of tests (like functionality, performance, scalability, ...) following form from shall be enough.

Nagios plugins

Deployment test procedure

Description of deployment test:

  • Clean Installation

The deployment test for clean installation shall be performed on a machine with freshly installed OS (no extra dependencies required by any of ARC components shall be already installed)

    • Install particular ARC component and record the command used for installation together with the list of packages that were installed by this command.
    • Make basic verification of ARC service
      • ARC CE
submit arctest -J 1 -c <clustername>  , arctest -J 2 -c <clustername>, arctest -J 3 -c <clustername>
the ARC CE deployment is declared as successful if all three jobs finished succesfully.
      • ARC Information System
        • EGIIS - register at least one ARC CE (installed using production version of ARC packages) with the EGIIS and issue following command against this EGIIS service:
ldapsearch -h <egiishostname> -p 2135 -x -b 'mds-vo-name=<EGIIS_name>,o=grid' -s base giisregistrationstatus

The test is successful if you get the list of ARC CEs registered with some additional cluster information printed

stop all ARC CEs registered to the EGIIS and issue the ldapsearch command from above

The test is successful if the printed output does not contain any of the ARC CE clusters

The EGIIS deployment is declared as successful if both EGIIS tests are successful

          • To start EGIIS service one needs to execute
nordugrid-arc-slapd start
nordugrid-arc-egiis start
        • ARIS - against the ARC CE started in step 3 issue the following ldapsearch command:

ldapsearch -h <clustername> -p 2135 -x -b 'mds-vo-name=local,o=grid' The ARIS deployment is declared as successful when you get cluster information printed after the ldapsearch command is run

          • To start EGIIS service one needs to execute
nordugrid-arc-slapd start
nordugrid-arc-bdii start						
nordugrid-arc-inforeg start						
      • GridFTP - upload a file to GridFTP server started in step 3 using arccp command, list the content of the GridFTP server using arcls command, download file from GridFTP server using arccp command and remove the uploded file using arcrm command. The arc* commands used for this test should be installed using production version of ARC packages

- The GridFTP deployment is declared as successful when all above listed operations finish successfully

      • ARC Core - For ARC Core component the Echo service shall be used with at least two different set ups. With TLS and without TLS layer. The verification shall be done using arcecho command.

- The ARC Core deployment is declared as successful when echo responses are obtained from both Echo services.

      • ARC Clients - To declare the ARC Clients deployment as successful at least following commands shall be run using the default configuration (no changes to client.conf):

arcproxy, arcproxy -I, arcsub -c <arc-emi_cluster>, arcstat -a , arcget -k -a , arcclean -a - The services used for ARC Clients verification may be taken from ARC-EMI testbeds

  • Upgrade installation

The deployment test for Upgrade Installation shall be done identically to Clean Installation with a difference that the upgrade installation of particular ARC component is done on a machine that already has the ARC component installed using latest production version of ARC packages and the commands for step 2 are upgrade commands and not install commands.

The verification is done the same way as for Clean Installation

Unit test coverage

Code analysis

Unit tests

  • Will be provided by Anders

Organization of testing

Code repo

ETICS EMI-3 repos:

Availability of testers

Communication channels

Priorities of testing

Regression testing




Deep testing of CE