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Testing for update EMI 1.0.1rc2

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Organization of testing

Availability of testers during 4.7-15.7.2011

List of testers


Marek, Anders, Zsombor


Marek, Anders, Samir, Adrian, Florido


Marek, Anders, Jozef, Salman, Mattias, Jon, Martin Skou, Eva


Marek, Anders, Adrian, Mattias, Florido

ARC GridFtp

Anders, Marek, Mattias, Salman, Jon

Relevant documents

How to report the results

Tester writes test report. The test report has unique structure

-Description of problem (for example description of bug with link to bugzilla)
-Test scenario (all details needed to reproduce test)
-Infrastructure used to perform test (for example testbed with specification of software)
-Expected results
-Output of test (for example stdout, stderr)
-Comments and proposals (should be used as feedback for developers) 
-The final decision PASSED/FAILED

Test report must be copied in the Test report for EMI comp[onents (wiki) Follow structure of reports recommendation is to keep order of items (for example regression tests bug 1, 2 , 7)


Regression testing:

If bug is successfully verified change status in bugzilla  to VERIFIED, then provide information about the result in the initial table in the wiki

Priority tasks -actual status

Deploiment tests

Testing deployment of ARC Information System components is priority

The ARC packages (including rc1 of ARC 1.0.1 release) intended for the upcoming EMI-1 update release are now available from the official testing repo

the corresponding repo file is this

The ETICS configurations used for producing the packages are under emi-arc_R_1_0_1_0 subsystem configuration in emi/arc ETICS subsystem.

The specific tags used in configuration are:


Test Description Component Tester Result
clean CORE Marek n/a
upgrade CORE Marek n/a
clean CE Marek n/a
clean CE Jozef FAILED (PASSED with changes in testing.repo)
upgrade CE Marek n/a
clean INFO Florido, Marek FAILED, see --Florido Paganelli 19:58, 8 July 2011 (CEST)
upgrade INFO Florido, Marek n/a

Regresion Tests

List of bugs to test (grouped based on priority)/regression testing


bug description component tester result
2236 Uploaders hangs CE Marek n/a
2436 YUM repository configuration is wrong CLIENT Marek CLOSED long time ago
2475 XRSLParserTest fails on some 64bit platforms: RHEL 4+5, SL5, Fedora 5+6 CLIENT Marek n/a
2482 looping downloader CLIENT Marek n/a


bug description component tester result
2301 Uploaders from WS ARC segfault while trying to upload to SRM:// URLs CE Jozef n/a
2472 Period and Time not usable with python for missing methods to get values CLIENT Jozef n/a
2474 renew credentials does not work with arc1 server CE Jozef n/a
2487 Infosystem thrashes the contents of /var/lock/subsys/ when started INFO Florido POSTPONED: the bugfix didn't make it into EMI 1.0.1-0.rc1 . See bug for status


bug description component tester result
1887 arcstat -a very inefficient Client Gabor PASSED
1979 Configuration issues when running a split GFS / GM setup Info n/a
2266 Problem building the nordugrid-arc-1.0.0b1 tarball that was

generated in ETICS (swig compatibility)

Client n/a
2449 ARC 11.05 parsing voms attributes CE n/a
2452 ARClib's DownloadDirectory aborts with: globus_list_rest:

Assertion `head != 0' failed.

Client n/a
2463 argget report failure in downloading jobs from ARC0 sites Client Gabor n/a


bug description component tester result
2148 "User tools (arccp/rm/ls) should uri encode their arguments before using them"
2219 "Segmentation faults in DataStagingDelivery"
2288 "More informative errors in arcstat when a site is down"
2291 "No pointer to Windows, Mac packages downloads"
2365 "Job submission failed, no more possible targets however server is health"
2370 "multiple arched processes are spawned"
2388 "Logrotate and gridftp and A-REX"
2405 "gridftp dmc is not using anonymous as the default for plain ftp."
2411 "Only SLURM 2.2.1 supported, not newer version."
2418 "Repository for Ubuntu 11.04"
2420 "arcproxy manpage errors"
2425 "Timeout for user uploadable files is too long"
2427 "gm-kick is called by scan-SLURM-job but it is not installed in {$basedir}"
2429 "ldapsearch should escape parentheses"
2430 "ARC shouldn't request a gsiftp URL when it isn't configured to use one"
2431 "ARC should release the TURL after transfer failure"
2434 "No man page - nordugridmap"
2435 "No man page - arc-infoindex-relay & arc-infoindex-server"
2441 "Unable to configure ARC to build with external LCMAPS headers"
2445 "A-REX crashes when using WS-interface"
2453 "arcclean reporting failure at server site"
2455 "arc1 fails to compile with recent libxml2 and xmlsec"
2456 "seg fault from gridftpd when submitting job"
2458 "arcls fails to list files on dcache gridftp server"
2470 "URLs with spaces cannot be cached"
2493 "ngrm command line options descriptions differ"
2494 "jobs get stuck in EXECUTED when resumed after failing in uploading output files"
2496 "Wrong metapackage name in server installation instructions"
2499 "ARC build problems"
2407 "No check for Python.h is made in ./configure, but the python bindings are built"
2412 "Downloading fails from ARC gridftpd 0.8.1 site when using cache."
2454 "Debian and Ubuntu repo examples have testing instead of experimental"
2403 "arc.conf.template refers to arc server but is in package nordugrid-arc-client"
2461 "GGUS-Ticket-ID: #71248 EMI1: arc-ce documentation issues"
1291 "ability to use srm over https through url option"
2015 "merged standalone to contain both new and old client tools"
2076 "Distribution of binary release packages needs improvements"

Functional tests

Performance tests

P1 Submission of 1000 complex jobs

P2 Download of 1000 jobs

Tests of reliability

Reliability of obtaining results (Jozef)

Test report EMI components

Reports for the ARC Core components

Reports for the ARC Computing Element

Reports for the ARC Client components

Reports for the ARC Information System components

Reports for the ARC GridFTP server