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Testing EMI 1.0.1 rc4/ARC-Core

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Bug #2442

Tester: Florido thanks to Andrii Status: DRAFT

-Description of problem (for example description of bug with link to bugzilla)

All voms proxies created by (ops/atlas/etc..) produce this error when connecting to gridftp.

[2011-05-26 10:41:38] [Arc.Credential] [WARNING] [12746/406270720] VOMS: the holder serial number 167235872 is not the same as the serial number in AC 4943

The problem does not show up for other vomses.

-Test scenario (all details needed to reproduce test)

  • Test scenario (all details needed to reproduce test)


    • an ARC server with [groups] configured for VOMS
    • a grid identity member of some VO serverd by VOMS
    • access to some MyProxy server
    • voms and myproxy clients installed
  1. Generate proxy with VOMS AC extension directly from EEC using arcproxy, then using voms-proxy-init tool (I will specify command only, all output would be so long):
    [manf@n5 ~]$ arcproxy --voms
    [manf@n5 ~]$ arcproxy -O --voms
    [manf@n5 ~]$ voms-proxy-init -voms
    [manf@n5 ~]$ voms-proxy-init -old -voms
    [manf@n5 ~]$ voms-proxy-init -rfc -voms
  2. Upload delegation to MyProxy, then retreive it and get VOMS AC extension for new proxy. Upload:
    [manf@n5 ~]$ voms-proxy-init -old -voms


    [manf@n5 ~]$ myproxy-logon -s -l manf -m
  3. With this two types of proxies, you need to:
    1. Simply check ARC VOMS API works (you must see VOMS AC information instead of errors):
      [manf@n5 ~]$ arcproxy --info
      Subject: /DC=org/DC=ugrid/O=people/O=KNU/CN=Andrii
      Identity: /DC=org/DC=ugrid/O=people/O=KNU/CN=Andrii Salnikov
      Time left for proxy: 10 hours 59 minutes 57 seconds
      Proxy path: /tmp/x509up_u1000
      Proxy type: X.509 Proxy Certificate Profile RFC compliant impersonation proxy -
      RFC inheritAll proxy
      ====== AC extension information for VO ======
      Attribute: /
      Attribute: /
      Attribute: /
      Timeleft for AC: 11 hours 57 minutes 39 seconds
    2. Submit a simple job (it would be great if you configure access filtering by VOMS AC, see my previous comments regarding reproducing it via [group] configuration), check gridftp logs for errors, retrieve job results.

-Infrastructure used to perform test (for example testbed with specification of software)

You need to do all general things regarding job submit to ARC, just do it with different proxy certificates.

> -Expected results All must works smoothly instead of getting errors :-)

> -Output of test (for example stdout, stderr) I would be a lot of output, and I cannot provide example with errors anymore, because of updating machine where I had perfomed the tests to 1.0.1rc4.

Just review my previous comments for this bug and bug #2520 and you can find some example.

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