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ARCs testing strategy is currently under review.

Until we come up with a well defined testing regime, please use the table below to inform about testing of new releases or e.g. features.

Release Date Site System Tests Results Comments
ARC 5.4.0
08.09.17 UiO_CLOUD Centos 6 5.4 CE installation and receiving Hammercloud tests. Nightly build: 5.4-2017-09-07-el6 PandaMonitor Hammercloud tests running nicely.
11.09.17 UiO ce01-ce02-ce03 Centos 6 Nightly build: 5.4-2017-09-10-el6 On ce01 the delegation database got corrupted, hence no jobs were submitted from aCT to ce01. Wiping delegation db and restarting arex fixed problem. No problems otherwise.
13.09.19 Rebula Gentoo In production Own build Nothing to report - all is fine.
Some date Some site Some system Some info on tests Some result Some comment
ARC 5.4.1
Some date-1 Some-other-site-1 Some-other-sys-1 Some info-1 Some result-1 Some comment-1
Some date-2 Some-other-site-2 Some-other-sys-2 Some info-2 Some result-2 Some comment-2