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Testing/ARC-GridFTP emi1 rc0

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Component Description

brief description of what is being tested, version, modules, components

Code analysis

Very preliminary results of SLOC count entire ARC code can be found here:

Later the results will be split between components.

Unit tests

Preliminary results of unit test code coverage for entire ARC code can be found here:

Later the results will be split between components.

Regression tests

initially the verification of resolved bugs

Deployment tests

clean installation

There are issues with installing ARC from the RC0 repository. The executive summary is: Packages based on the lcg-dm-common sources needs fixing or we will have the same problem for RC1.

ETICS respects EMI packaging policy which is to follow among others the EPEL packaging policy. That policy states that AutoReqProv by default MUST be on. Packages SHOULD not use it since the defaults are fine. The source package:


produces the binary packages:


which explicitly have AutoReqProv turned off. Therefore ARC and dependent packages which are packaged correctly will not work. This includes:


The packages that apparently have the autoreqprov on and use direct package dependencies and thus will work are:


These packages are broken according to EMI policies. Known violations are:

No sonames in libraries 
Using static libraries  
Turning off autoreqprov           <not reported in Savannah>
Same sources in several src.rpms  <not reported in Savannah> 

The combination of the first 3 issues break ARC and one other package. Note that direct dependencies are allowed and needed when the AutoReqProv can not find dependencies/provides. Packages with plugins are an example.

The ARC packages in RC0 would work if the lcg-dm-common was fixed according to the above. However, since ARC was built against a broken lcg-dm-common there are some erroneous dependencies on which require a rebuild of ARC to get fixed.

So the bottom line is that there are no known packaging bugs in the ARC packages and that they would work (in principle) without recompilation.

One can still test the ARC packages from RC0 but this requires installing RPMs with broken dependencies.

upgrade installation

Functionality tests

gridftpd (start/stop daemon)

concurrent transfer of many files using fileplugin

access to ARC Computing Element through jobplugin

Performance tests

e.g. measurement of the response time

Scalability tests

Load and stress tests

Standard compliance/conformance tests

can be a reference to a functionality test

Inter-component tests

clearly identify the third-party components involved in the test