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Please use the discussion page for posting inputs, questions and comments about Profiles. Also put your signature in connection to your input.

Also please do not just reject something, but instead improve it or argue that it is not going to work, or is unusable.

And please do contribute to the discussion since the Profile issue really should be resolved ASAP.

--Martin Skou Andersen 15:20, 22 July 2010 (UTC)

Patch implementing the current proposal

I have implemented the current proposal which can be downloaded here: Profile.patch (modify File:Profile.patch)

Default value if omitted from INI configuration

What happens if an initag is not in the INI config?

<something initype="single" inisections="common" initag="tag">default value</something>

then if we have this in the INI:


then the XML will have:


what if there is no such tag in the INI?

then I think the XML should contain:

<something>default value</something>

and what if the profile looks like this:

<something initype="single" inisections="common" initag="tag"/>

this could be interpreted two ways:

1. there is no default value

2. the default value is an empty string

  • in case 1 a missing initag maybe should produce an XML which does not contain this <something> at all
  • in case 2 a missing initag should produce an XML which contains: <something/>

what do you think?

-- Zsombor

How about adding a new attribute to the profile syntax, say inidefaultvalue? I.e.:
 <something initype="single" inisections="common" initag="tag" inidefaultvalue="default value"/>
Then the issue would be solved.
--Martin Skou Andersen 11:29, 22 July 2010 (UTC)