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Site patch collection

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Page for collecting site-specific patches to ARC. Goal of the page is to share patches, and where appropriate: add support for patches in the ARC software.




In first instance pathces are to be sent by email to maiken.pedersen [at] If you have permission to submit yourself, please follow the naming scheme of the patch: Site-Filename.patch, e.g.:

If you need to introduce additional layers to distinguish between CE-s at your site, feel free to do that, eg.

Please make sure that you add a comment at the very top of the patch file describing the patch. E.g.

Patch to make sure job runs under correct project, and that jobs asking for less than 3936 memory requirement get 3936 corresponding to a single core. 

--- /usr/share/arc/submit-SLURM-job	2017-07-19 17:38:23.094314806 +0200
+++ /usr/share/arc/submit-SLURM-job.patched	2017-07-19 17:38:34.874671284 +0200
@@ -97,6 +97,8 @@
   echo "#SBATCH --nice=${priority}" >> $LRMS_JOB_SCRIPT
+source /root/repos/grid/ARCmods/
 # project name for accounting
 if [ ! -z "${joboption_rsl_project}" ] ; then
   echo "#SBATCH -U $joboption_rsl_project" >> $LRMS_JOB_SCRIPT
@@ -191,6 +193,9 @@
 if [ ! -z "$joboption_memory" ] ; then
+  if [ $joboption_memory -lt 3936 ]; then
+    joboption_memory=3936
+  fi
   echo "#SBATCH --mem-per-cpu=${joboption_memory}" >> $LRMS_JOB_SCRIPT