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Release versioning

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ARC Releases Naming and Versioning

An ARC release is called: ARC Release <release_version) (release_codename). See below for an explanation on the content.

Release versioning

The release_version for a major ARC release is constructed from the date of the release in the following way:

("%02d.%02d",year%100,month) where year and month are the year and month of the release. Minor releases are made from previous major releases by adding a serial integer starting from 1.

Examples of release versions:

  • 12.09 Major release from September 2012
  • 13.01 Major release from January 2013
  • 12.09.1 Minor release based on the 12.09 major release

Note that there is no direct relation between the minor release version and the date that the minor release was released. For instance the 12.09.1 release could be released in May 2013.

The scheme is similar to the Ubuntu LTS releases (see:

Release Codenames

A codename of an ARC release is optional. There are at this moment no rule about the release codenames and it is left for the release manager(s) to choose it.