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Preparation major release 2017

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  • python-lrms (Martin)
    • slurm
    • lsf (unclear status)
    • sceapi (does not use ssh feature, used in prod),
    • no condor planned for 6.0
    • fork (would be nice)
  • open-ssl (Mattias)
    • done, released in arc 5.
  • event_driven_job-processing (Alexander)
    • too many things not tested
    • early deployment on the cloud test, also ask Marek
  • new arc-conf (Balazs)
    • JURA part missing
    • new subblock for localplugin
    • testing is critical
  • new packages, new dependencies (Mattias)
    • status report first, proposal for new structure
    • new parser is in the main
    • dropping EGIIS
    • For the LOCALplugin we would like to be able to install ARC without ldap and gridftp.
    • new runtimeenvironment
  • single defaults file (Florido)
  • zeroconf readiness (Andrii)
  • ARCHERY (Andrii)
    • no new development needed for archery manage.
    • deployment (top-level) to be done
  • new REST interface (Aleksandr)
    • will be technology preview
  • New Runtimeenvironment (Andrii)
    • missing packaging (environment proxy)
  • EGIIS removal (Mattias)
    • infosys/registration things will be removed (
    • EGIIS client support stays but gets labelled DEPRECATED
  • performance-logging - what to do with it? (David)
    • security considerations make current version unusable
    • Proposal: keep code but remove all related configuration and documentation, this way developers can still use it for internal testing
  • clean-up of the old/legacy submission interfaces (Balazs)
    • Submission-interfaces CREAM, ARC1.
    • ARC0 submission interface should be renamed to something meaningful.
  • Data staging rework (David)
    • See point B. and 3 in the document.

    • Short term urgent issues were already fixed in ARC 5. Awaiting bug report from Jens which outlines remaining scalability problems before deciding what to do for ARC 6.
  • site specific batch system patches (Maiken)
    • would be nice to release as many as possible from those site patches
  • supported platforms for ARC 6 (Mattias, Anders)
    • EL6, EL7, Ubuntu LTS 14.04 as the earliest, Debian 8,9
    • no windows (we do the necessary cleanup)

Code development, tags, branches pre-releases

  • we are working on the 6.0 branch now. This is the "trunk for release 6"

New documentation

  • documentation for python-lrms-with-ssh
  • documentation for open-ssl
  • documentation for event-driven-job-processing
  • documentation for arc-conf restructuring
  • new sysadmin guide


Tracking document: