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Parallel jobs

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These are notes that went between Olli Tourunen, Daniel Johansson, Michael Gronager and Josva Kleist early 2009. They are what came from a discussion between Olli and Daniel with the purpose of creating a general model for handling parallel jobs (both multi-core, multi-node and mixed jobs).

I'm thinking about how to give everything we talked about in Budapest to the rest of the world. How to convert them to our religion. ;)

Here is what I wrote down on the paper in my hotel room:


Model describing resources for Infosys+arc.conf

Shared Memory Unit:
[ max memory per rank (MiB),
  number of cores,
  Available Memory (MiB)

So, this is basically a node in a cluster, sharing memory, capable of running threaded applications. "Max memory per rank" could be something else than available memory/number of cores, but then you might not be able to run with all CPUs (overallocing cores in favour of more memory per core).

[ max ranks per job,
  job exclusive nodes (yes/no),
  allow_new_brokering (yes/no)

This is about general policy for a cluster/other resource. Could be per queue?

max ranks per job: maximum level of parallelism allowed. Should we also/instead have a list of the allowed levels, since some sites might only allow e.g. multiples of four (exclusive node allocation, but not necessarily coupled with the attribute below)

job exclusive nodes (yes/no): are we forced to allocate a full node (shared memory unit)

bandwidth: the bandwidth of the backend

allow_new_brokering (yes/no): Drawing a blank here. Daniel, what was the 'brave new brokering' again?

Thought: How do we enumerate the Shared Memory Units in infosys/arc.conf?


cpu_distribution This is for specifying the total number of processes/ranks and how many of those we want per node/shared memory unit.

arc.conf needs

per queue


per cluster



count -> ranks cpu_distribution = 2ranks/node, maxranks/node

Here we need to be careful with the terms. Rank, thread, process, core...




  • cputime deprecated.
  • walltime = time on clock.
  • memory is per rank

info about new stuff. I don't know what e.g. Glue2 says about cputime? It would be nice to have it deprecated, though, having walltime + publishing benchmarks is some much clearer.


Things that need to be updated:

  • Client brokering
  • Publish info to jobs (env-vars)
  • arc.conf attributes
  • Infosys extensions
  • Backend extensions
  • Documentation

Backend extensions also need a way to publish the LRMS allocations to the job itself, if we are not always using runtime environments for that.

Final thoughts

This is a step in right direction. However (referring to the coffee table discussion at NG tech meeting), I think that many applications will benefit from having something more intelligent sitting on the frontend. Either hosted by HED as a web service or as a Runtime Environment. To enpower the REs in the latter case in a clean way we would need some improvements in the RE script <-> grid manager interface.

Case not closed, let's continue the discussion.