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ARC Technology Preview and other contributions to OGF25

This page contains download and usage information on the technology preview release of ARC development track (v0.9.3) prepared for OGF25. As its title suggests, the release was prepared for OGF25 event, Catania, Sicily, March 2-6, 2009.

Technology Preview Download

The code can be downloaded from here. For most up to date version of development ARC go to our SVN.


The installation instructions (along with the prerequisites info) can be found here.


Client side

To test the client tools contained in the release you may find useful information on this page.

Server side

Here you can find information on installation and setup of ARC server side components.

Where to find us at OGF25

Our booth (no. B13) is located on the 2nd floor, across from the Caravaggio presentation room.

Martin explains ARC in a video by GridTalk

Our contributions to OGF25


See also the dedicated page maintained by OGF-Europe:

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OGF-Europe Tutorial: Managing Computational Activities on the Grid - from Specifications to Implementation

Access to a Grid infrastructure

OGF-Europe Tutorial: How new communities can get access to a Grid infrastructure: slides

WG/CG sessions

Booth material