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NOX/Tests/ISIS tests results

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  • two machines connected through a local network
  • installed Scientific Linux 5, x86_64
  • code for testing ARC1 - compiled from arc1/branches/final_release

Test results

  • service registration
    • registration of Chelonia, A-REX, ISIS, AHash, Librarian, Shepherd, Bartender, Hopi, Echo (all services are secure so they have to be declared in an isis policy file)
    • successful registration was proved using isistest client tool
In order to be able to register a secure service additional action has to be placed into the isis policy file
  <Action AttributeId="">isis</Action>
according to a tech doc isis action is required only when the isis services create a cloud, for regular service 
registration a "service" action shall be enough - Bug no. 1693

The registration of Shepherd, Librarian and Bartender was not successful. The ISIS service log reported that the
registration was authorized, but isistest client was unable to get any information from the ISIS service related 
to these services - Bug no. 1486

This bug is already solved. For further details see the Bugzilla entry.
  • P2P cloud
    • creation of a cloud of ISIS services - OK
    • delayed creation of a cloud of services - OK
    • services registration into an ISIS service and a redistribution of information into the cloud - OK
    • ISIS unregistration from the cloud
Having a topology a1a2 a1b1 b1b2 (a1 a2 b1 b2 - the ISIS services building a cloud) and when I after a while kill service a1
the information about this service can still be queried using isistest utility. And it looks like it never disappears (its 
gentime does not change)
    • service unregistration
Similar to ISIS unregistration - the service is still visible using isistest utility even after it is allready killed - the
genTime does not change