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NG2011/Technical meeting

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work in progress

Status update/overview talks

Presenters should give a short high-level overview of the status and future plans of each topic, no longer than 5-10 minutes. The idea is to give everyone an overview of all ARC-related activities, not discuss technical details. Longer discussions will take place in later sessions.


May 11 Wednesday morning session

What and Who

  • A-REX and interfaces
    • Grid manager phase out
    • gridftp interface
    • WS interface
    • Presenters: Aleksandr Konstantinov
  • LRMS backends
    • LRMS support status
    • Information providers schemas
    • Presenters: Daniel Johansson/Adrian Taga
  • Data staging
    • Presenters: David Cameron
  • Information system
    • BDII
    • ISIS
    • Presenters: Daniel Johansson
  • Client tools for job management
    • Supported features
    • Supported middlewares
    • Presenters: Martin Skou Andersen
  • Job submission speedup
    • New development
    • Presenters: Kostiantyn Demchuk, Martin Skou Andersen
  • Data clients
    • Supported commands
    • Supported protocols
    • Presenters: Jon Nielsen
  • arclib
    • Language bindings (python + java)
    • Presenters:
  • Accounting
    • SGAS
    • JURA
    • Presenters: Henrik Jensen (SGAS)/Gabor Szigeti(JURA)
  • Chelonia
    • Features
    • Comparison to other systems
    • Presenters: Zsombor Nagy
  • Janitor
    • Presenters: Adrian Taga
  • HOPI
    • Usefullness
    • Presenters: Aleksandr Konstantinov
  • Authorization and authentication
    • Argus integration
    • SAML integration
    • Presenters: Aleksandr Konstantinov
  • User experience (ATLAS, ALICE, other VOs?)
    • Presenters: Andrej Filipcic (ATLAS)
  • Documentation
    • Presenters: Oxana Smirnova
  • Build/packaging
    • ARC builds
    • EMI builds
    • Distribution channels
      • Support for SL5
      • Compatibility of NorduGrid and EMI repositories (in case of overlaps)
    • Presenters: Anders Waananen, Martin Savko
  • Compat packages (arc0)
    • Presenters: Mattias Ellert
  • Testing
    • Defined test
    • Frequency
    • Missing tests
    • Presenters: Marek Kocan
  • Porting (Windows + Mac OS X)
    • Presenters: Martin Skou Andersen (Mac OS X), Anders Waananen (Windows)

Technical discussion topics


May 11 Wednesday second half of day and May 12 Thursday


  • Defining responsibilities (who is doing what, when and who is responsible)
  • Improving usabilities (Error messages, server logs, ...)
  • Strategy for accounting in ARC (do we accept messaging, waht needs to be done) (must happen May 11 for Henrik to participate)
  • Overall strategy towards Security in ARC
  • ARC interfaces & APIs: planned changes, phase out, backward compatibility
  • Performance of ARC components: analyzing results of recent performance tests
  • SVN management, commit control, branches
  • Testing & code quality
  • Where to get ARC software: the jungle of repositories (NorduGrid, EMI, UMD, EPEL, so on)
  • ARC strategy towards Virtualisation and clouds
  • Error handling, specifically in data management
  • Portals and GUIs development
  • Platforms and languages (Windows, MacOS, Java, Python)
  • Monitoring of ARC services for sysadmins, ganglia and gmetric is a possible solution
  • Really new ideas