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Todo Comment Done
Fix Mirons missing title Invented a title
prepare a welcome message to all participants and to all speakers and to school participants message sent
prepare an email to all session chairs
prepare badges in Oslo
prepare give-aways/material in Oslo
foresee a projector and power outlets Jon will bring from Oslo (Alex found key)
finalize the time for the board meeting: first dinner among members, then meeting
prepare list of people to be supported (hotel bill to be sent to University of Oslo cc Farid).
Prepare UiO forms for people we promised to cover trip in addition
arrange for lunch the first day (not included in conference package): maybe arrange for coffee, fruits ++ during registration?
technical programme
finalize lunch, coffee breaks, rooms, ... according to program and hotel
what kind of (computer) system the hotel has The hotel claims to have stable wireless on all its premisses, unfortunately no computer
laser pointers Katarina will bring at least one, Jon bring the EPF one
evo possibilities requires microphone (Jon borrows EPF mic, what about speakers??) and computer/laptop
Presentation laptop Required for EVO, nice to have to avoid wasting time on faulty graphics cards/drivers, will use Jon's old laptop