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ARC Client Installation

The ARC client provide all middleware command line tools for proxy, job and data management.

While most on the client installation works out-of-the-box and one does not need administrator privileges, some small platform dependent setup steps may still be needed.


  • Download the installer file from the client download page and run it. It will install the ARC software as well as all needed dependencies.
  • Install Grid certificate (usercert.pem) and private key (userkey.pem) by copying them into a .globus directory in your home directory:

On Windows XP:

Copy your usercert.pem file to: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\.globus\usercert.pem
Copy your userkey.pem  file to: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\.globus\userkey.pem

On Vista and later:

Copy your usercert.pem file to: C:\Users\<username>\.globus\usercert.pem
Copy your userkey.pem  file to: C:\Users\<username>\.globus\userkey.pem

NB! One may have problems with making a .globus file (starting with a dot) using the explorer. Open a DOS prompt and make the directory

  cd C:\Documents and Settings\<username> 
  cd C:\Users\<username>

  mkdir .globus

Check the Client Configuration.


The standalone client is distributed as a tar ball and can be installed at any location and does not require root privileges.

  • If not already done: download the "Standalone client package" for your system. DOWNLOAD
  • Place it in any suitable place and unpack
tar -xzf nordugrid-arc-standalone-11.05-1.i386.tgz
cd nordugrid-arc-standalone

Client from repository

Configure the repository Configuration guide and follow the client installation instructions.

If one wants to use the python arclib an additional package is needed nordugrid-arc-python. Example with yum:

yum install nordugrid-arc-python


Client Configuration

The client will at the first run create a configuration directory in your home directory called .arc .

It will provide you with a default client configuration file client.conf

You can uncomment various options. Below is an example of some working default settings:

defaultservices=index:ARC0:ldap://,o=grid computing:ARC1:


ARC Server Installation

ARC services have limited support on non-Linux platforms. Services may be fully functional, work with reduced functionality, or not work at all. See the main NorduGrid documentation pages.