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How to plug an ARC site into EGI/Demo-EGI TF 2010

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When, where

15 September 2010, Amsterdam, EGI Technical Forum 2010


Andrej Filipcic, Oxana Smirnova, with much help from Daniel Johansson, Vera Hansper, Aleksandr Konstantinov, Balazs Konya, Zsombor Nagy, Jon Nilsen, Alex Read, Henrik Thostrup Jensen and support from many others


  1. Cheat-sheet on how to set up a production-ready ARC CE
  2. Slide show
  3. Show-case: NDGF Grid in the EGI infrastructure
    1. EGI Operations Portal (select NGI_NDGF)
    2. GOCDB
    3. Gstat
    4. WLCG Service Availability Monitoring
    5. WLCG accounting
    6. ATLAS Dashboard
    7. ARC in EMI (slides)
    8. How to add an ARC site to EGI (slides, cheat-sheet)
  4. Live demonstration of an ARC CE installation
    1. Which repositories to use
    2. How to configure permissions and firewall
    3. How to interface to a batch system
    4. How to configure authorisation, cache, limits, etc
  5. Poster


The goal is to bust the urban legend that EGI does not certify ARC-based sites