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Summary of the open issues with EMI-ES which stop it being used by ATLAS

  • No support in Condor-G
    • This is used for some ARC CEs, at some point it may not be necessary for ATLAS but for other VOs it is essential
  • Walltime accounting - bug 3669
    • GLUE2 reports walltime as sum of walltime across all cores, but ATLAS counts walltime as real clock time independent of cores
    • The "fix" for this is to make NG schema also report the sum of cores walltime, but will not be released until ARC 6
      • Requires modifying aCT to convert back to ATLAS walltime for ARC 6, this needs to be very carefully coordinated
    • Sites may hack infoproviders to report ATLAS-friendly walltime with patch proposed in the bug report
  • Change in memory units in 5.3.2 (no bug report)
    • Cannot use EMI-ES on servers < 5.3.2
  • Proxy delegation issue when using ENV/PROXY - bug 3693
    • Stops true pilot jobs using EMI-ES
    • Underlying issue is that is missing private key

Fixed issues

  • Bad proxy mapping when submitting with different proxies in same process - bug 3685
    • Fixed in 5.4.1
  • Inconsistent mapping of job states between gridftp and EMIES - bug 3683
    • Fixed in 5.4.1
  • EMI-ES interface wrongly reports initial job status - bug 3640
    • Fixed in 5.3.2