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Documentation Structure

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Documentation will be divided into three classes: System administrator, User and Developer.

Area directors

  • System admin: Zsombor Nagy
  • User: Oxana Smirnova

System administrator guide

  • Overview of all services
How do they relate to each other, etc.
  • Chapter for each service
  • ARC CE
    • How to install
    • Configuration
    • Usage
  • Chelonia
  • SGAS
  • HED

User guide

Developer guides

List of current documentation

The Documentation page contains more information of current documentation.

The below content is taken from

"The Grid Monitor: Usage Manual". O.Smirnova	NORDUGRID-MANUAL-5

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"The gLite gateway plugins of ARCLIB and related command line tools". (obsolete) M. Ellert, I. Márton, P. Stefán	NORDUGRID-TECH-22

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