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Data stage-in (local)

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We measure the time it takes to stage in 1, 10 and 30 files (each 300 MB large) from/to machine A to/from machine B Stage-in is performed in a way that data is directly uploaded by the client (machine B) to the A-REX’s (machine A) session directory.

The timing of data staging only includes the time spent on actual data movement (such factors as e.g. queuing and various grid layers are excluded).

local stage-in job:

&(executable = "/bin/hostname")
(inputFiles = ("fileToGSI10" "file:///home/kocan/fileToGSI1"))
(outputFiles =
("stdout.txt" "")
 ("stderr.txt" "")
(stdout = "stdout.txt")
(stderr = "stderr.txt")
(jobName= "test")