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Data Staging Minutes 240310

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Data staging meeting 24/3/10 12:00

Present: Aleksandr, David, Ali, Dmytro

Summary of problem:

Current framework is out of date and stretched to its limits. It is also inflexible. We need a replacement. All known important issues are covered in wiki page.


Hard/impossible to control bandwidth used by transfers, so we can only control queueing.

3 levels of fair share/priority/queueing:

  • between groups
  • within groups
  • within single user's jobs.

URLs: hard to handle with options etc. Need new solution.

Big/small transfers: can pause big transfers to allow small ones through.

Catalog look up/negotiation protocols should not block transfers.

Implementation ideas:

First look at other systems for possible implementation or ideas:

  • gLite FTS (David/Dima)
  • Bittorrent(Dima)


  • put ideas on wiki as they come up
  • Aleksandr make diagram of layers
  • keep eye out for other ideas
  • David/Dima review FTS and have something by next meeting

Next meeting:

in 2 weeks (week of 5th April) due to Easter