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Data Staging Minutes 190510

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  • Impressions from NG2010

There were no objections - we have green light.

There was a suggestion to keep it simple in general sense.

  • Questions raised on wiki

David suggests to use same technology for both keeping internal state of components persistently and for communication. Participants know no such technology. We all will survey available soutions. All found solutions to be put on wiki and discussed during next meeting.

  • Preparing for implementation

Everybody gets a task to describe internal logic of components - flowchart, reaction to communication from interface and from external events, possible failures and their treatment.

Ali - delivery component

David - scheduler

Dmytro - preprocessor

Aleksandr - generator

  • Next meeting

Due to EMI kick-off we can't have meeting next week. Preliminary date for next meeting is in 2 weeks June 2, 12:00. So far everybody is encoradged to keep mail commnication.