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Data Staging Minutes 070410

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Present: David, Dmytro, Aleksandr

FTS Discussion

  • Only SRM endpoints are supported so using the service as-is does not fulfil all our requirements
  • Way forward is to take some ideas from FTS and put into own solution

Architecture Discussion

  • Upper and middle layer - non-bandwidth consuming so can have lots of 'slots'
  • Lower - bandwidth consuming, so limited slots
  • These layers could be made pluggable so FTS could be middle and lower layer if desired
  • Need to decide which layers have knowledge of jobs - possibly use grouping in middle layer


  • Start with taking all supported protocols, explain how they work and interface needed
    • Aleksandr - HTTP, FTP, GridFTP
    • David - SRM, LFC
    • Other protocols - RLS?
  • Aim to have a description of interfaces by the NG conference in Ljubliana

Next Meeting

  • Not possible next week. Next date to be decided