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Build VOMS

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NOTE: This page is out of date and is kept for purely historical reasons.
VOMS is now available in standard repositories for Red Hat and Debian-like distributions

Building VOMS

Download the latest VOMS source rpm from the NorduGrid FTP server. As for gSOAP convert it to a tar ball and unpack twice.

 alien --to-tgz voms-$VOMSVERSION-*.src.rpm
 tar -xvzf voms-$VOMSVERSION.tgz
 tar -xvzf voms-$VOMSVERSION.tar.gz

The we apply the patches coming in the rpm.

 for i in ../voms*.patch; do patch -p1 < $i; done;

Assume $GLOBUS_LOCATION points to the Globus installation. If you are installing a 64bit installation or if you want to use another version of globus, then you need to change the gcc32dbgpthr below accordingly. Then we run configure with a special setup.

 ./configure --prefix=$VOMS_LOCATION --with-globus-prefix=$GLOBUS_LOCATION \
 --disable-docs --disable-java
 make install

The only thing remaning is to move the headerfiles from the glite structure to where ARC and LFC expects to find them (which unfortunately is in two different places)

 cd $VOMS_LOCATION/include
 cp  glite/security/voms/* .
 ln -s glite/security/voms