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NOTE: This page is out of date and is kept for purely historical reasons.
ARC no longer depends on gSOAP

Building gSOAP

In the following we assume that $GSVERSION denotes the version number of gSOAP.

Download the latest gSOAP source rpm from the NorduGrid ftp server. Convert it to a tar-ball using alien and untar twice:

 export GSVERSION=2.7.8a
 alien --to-tgz gsoap-$GSVERSION-2ng.src.rpm
 tar -xvzf gsoap-$GSVERSION.tgz
 tar -xvzf gsoap_$GSVERSION.tar.gz

Now it's time to apply the ARC specific patches to the source

 cd gsoap-$GSVERSION
 patch -p1 < ../gsoap_shared.patch
 patch -p1 < ../gsoap_build.patch
 patch -p1 < ../gsoap_openssl098.patch

And it's time to build - remember to set GSOAP_LOCATION to point to where you want gSOAP to be installed

 export GSOAP_LOCATION=...
 export CFLAGS="-fPIC"
 ./configure \--prefix=$GSOAP_LOCATION
 make -C soapcpp2
 make install