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Build ARC from source: CentOS example

Steps to get ARC built on a new CentOS 5.6 virtual machine:

Add repositories

Add Epel5 repository:

Add NorduGrid repository, either by installing the release package for your distribution: 

(the template on homepage lacks note about sources)

or, go to:

And add the yum repository configuration manually. Don't forget to add sources repository as well, that's missing from documentation (is in bugzilla, will be fixed after vacations)

Install necessary packages

There may be some missing dependencies from yum-builddep, so install these first:


yum-builddep nordugrid-arc

Download ARC from SVN

Replace tags/nnn with whatever tag or branch you want to build:

svn co nordugrid-arc-1.0.1rc4 


cd nordugrid-arc-*
./ && ./configure && make dist

Set up rpmbuild

By default it tries to find its directory-structure in a directory owned by root. You can change this by editing the file ~/.rpmmacros , for example:

$ cat ~/.rpmmacros
%_topdir /home/nsc/daniel/rpmbuild

Under this directory there should be a few other directories:

ls ~/.rpmbuild

Build packages

Copy the nordugrid-arc-*.tar.gz generated in Step 4 to ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES


rpmbuild -ba nordugrid-arc.spec