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AliEn-ARC Development

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NOTE: This page is out of date and is kept for purely historical reasons.

Current status: ARC module available to enable AliEn job submission to ARC servers.

  • How does it work?
    • Alien Services (CE, CM, ML, PM) installed and running on a frontend VO-box
    • ARC standalone client installed on the VO-box
    • ARC module picks up some ARC related settings from local alien.conf file
    • ARC module prepares the xrsl to start an AliEn Job Agent (wrapper job) based on the received JDL got form the central service
    • ARC module monitors/manages the wrapper job.
    • AliEn data management is done solely by the wrapper job and dCache
  • Issues
    • Works only as long as the VO-box shares file system (for the PackMan) and broadcasting domain with the nodes.
    • Everything is done by the wrapper job, so we cannot benefit from ARC's features (for instance data localisation).

This solution is not used on any site now. This strategy has been discarded in favor of a study for a "cleaner" solution, bypassing the wrapper.