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ARC 0.8rc2 TODO

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Issues related to 0.8RC2 and needed for 0.8RC3

  • Sergio got a wrong flavour of globus linked on centos, reason unknown
  • sgas compatibility?
    • SGAS works with 0.8rc2

Bug status

  • Would be nice to resolve the following bugs:
    • 849 cpuTime wallTime for parallel jobs
    • 880 PID files are ignored by startup scripts
    • 1286 ARC client should reject a job description with two input files mapped to the same file name
    • 1347 improving ngclean error messages
    • 1540 Integrate a log rotation feature into A-REX
  • Solved:
  • Will not be resolved:
    • 1239 zero cputime and walltime for jobs killed with ngkill -keep
    • 802 review the content of the nordugrid-arc-doc package for 0.8 (Balazs)
    • 1543 a-rex from rc2 crashes after few days of running (martin,marek,aleksandr)
      • difficult to reproduce, therefore not blocking the release