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ARC1/Release commits

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Formal rules for performing updates to the release branches

  1. Once the code was branched only limited crew of people have write access to it. Those people are responsible for taking extra care to make sure that no commit actually break the build, existing functionality or performance. Currently the default group with write access to the release is the KnowARC T5.1 personnel. The idea is that any commit that is relevant to the release branch should go through extra evaluation by responsible with write access.
  2. No new functionality introduced into trunk after the release was tagged is to be propagated to the release branch.
  3. The bug fixing commits to the trunk are the most likely candidates for propagating to the release branch. There are two possibilities:
    1. the bugfix is relevant for both trunk and branch. The bugfix should be submitted into trunk in a separate commit i.e. not as a part of larger number of changes. The commit should be accompanied with a helpful log.
    2. the bugfix is relevant only to the branched release. In such a case respective patch should be attached to bugzilla report for a bug. If bugreport does not exist yet it should be created with CC for one of responsible persons, who is then responsible for evaluating and propagating changes to the branch. The last possibility is to contact directly one of responsible people, who then would propagate change to the branch (the bug report should be filled anyway by the responsible one, for the record).
  4. One of people with write access to the branch (codekeeper) is responsible to check commits to the trunk (or branches if relevant) with general write access and propagate them to the restricted ones. The checking should be done at least once a week.